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October 2017

The Group was established in 1970 to provide an open forum for Fortran users.

Its main aims are:

  • to disseminate information about Fortran and its application in various fields,
  • to provide a platform for discussion of users' needs and requirements in future versions of Fortran,
  • to encourage the development of the language in collaboration with national and international standardization bodies,
  • to promote the use of the Fortran language.

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Latest Fortran News

[10/10/17] Fortran Standards status

The Fortran 2015 standard is nearly complete. J3 is responding to country comments and constructing a new draft. It is expected that the standard will be published in summer 2018.

The Fortran standards committees are looking forward to the next standard and have been soliciting end-user input via a survey. Initial results from this survey are now available as document N2142 available from the WG5 site.
The survey is still open.

[10/10/17] Fortran Birds of A Feather session at SC17

Members of the FSG have been instrumental in proposing a 'BOF' session at the premier High Performance Computing Conference SC17 as a way to mark the 60th Anniversary of Fortran
The BOF Fortran Is 60 Years Old - Has It Changed for the Better? takes the form of short presentations by industry experts followed by discussion.

About BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

Founded in 1957
Royal Charter granted in 1984
Registered Chartered Engineering Institute 1990
BCS is a member of the Council of the European Professional Informatics Societies

BCS exists to provide service and support to the IS community, including individual practitioners, employers of IS staff and the general public. It is the only professional body able to confer chartered status in all three of the following areas: Chartered Engineer (CEng), Chartered Scientist (CSci) and Chartered IT Professional (CITP).

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